Our mission is to help handgun owners learn to shoot skillfully and safely.

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Are you trained or untrained, that is the question.  We're here to help YOU get trained.

New Shooter 101® brings together handgun owners who want to learn to shoot, with firearms instructors who can teach you to shoot.

Here's what we have to offer:

  • Handgun training videos that help you learn basic firearms safety and gun handling skills.  Watch these videos to see what it is like to learn to shoot.
  • Schedule of training classes where you can learn to shoot, taught by local instructors.  Our website lets you sign up and pay for the classes.  Think of us as your "ticket agency" for firearms instruction. 
  • Directory of firearms instructors who can teach you to shoot.  Learn about their skills and specialties.  All training classes are provided by these instructors at their locations.  New Shooter 101® does not have instructors of its own, except in our videos.
  • Directory of shooting ranges that welcome new shooters by providing beginner's training classes at their facility.
In a nutshell, we match up people who want to learn to shoot, with a network of instructors who can teach you to shoot, along with places to shoot.  
Millions of Americans have purchased handguns in recent years.  If you are among them and want to get trained, we can help you learn to shoot skillfully and safely.

Are you an Instructor?  Click here to find out about our Business Services.

Who can benefit from new shooter training?

While our main focus of this website is for beginners, there are three groups who can benefit from the type of training offered by our network of instructors:

  • New handgun owners, or those thinking of buying
  • Those of you who used to shoot, and want to revive your skills
  • Experienced shooters who haven't had formal training and want to learn the latest techniques

Get started by watching our training videos

Our videos help you learn how to shoot handguns skillfully and safely—as well as show you what to expect as you go through the process of learning to shoot.  We cover all the essentials a step at a time.  No previous firearms experience is required to get started.

Upcoming Training Classes

The next step is to sign up for a training class

Visit our Training Classes page to find one convenient for you.  You can search the listings any number of ways—for example by city, state, instructor name, or shooting range.

Not ready to sign up for a class?

Then we hope you'll consider subscribing to our email list.  That way you can stay informed about future classes that may be of interest to you.

It's important to get professional instruction

Professional instruction is essential when learning to shoot.  Please don't attempt to learn to shoot on your own.  Safety is the paramount issue—and hands-on safety training is all-important.  Use our Instructors page to find someone who can help you learn to shoot safely.

Business services for firearms instructors

Firearms Instructors—visit our Business Services page to find out how we can help you grow your training business by advertising your classes online and signing up attendees. 

Learn to defend yourself and your family—it's your Constitutional right!

By learning to shoot skillfully and safely, you gain greater confidence in defending yourself and your family in today's dangerous urban environments. We believe that owning and using firearms is your right as an American, guaranteed by our Constitution.  We hope you will join us in exercising it.

We believe in Practice—Practice—Practice!

Practice is essential to maintain your shooting skills. You need to practice shooting your gun at least once a month at a shooting range. Going to the range with your friends is a fun and rewarding way to practice. Look through our Shooting Range page to find one near you. 

Thank you for visiting our website

Hope to see YOU at the range!

Beginners learning to shoot

Firearm safety training

Dry-fire practice in the classroom

Live-fire practice at the range

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