Our mission is to help new handgun owners learn to shoot skillfully and safely.

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Are you trained or untrained, that is the question:

That gun under your bed will not rise up on its own to defend you.  But in your trained and practiced hand, it may someday defend the lives of you and your loved ones.  In these uncertain times, the only thing certain is the need to be trained in firearms use.

New Shooter 101 is a network of firearms instructors, gun clubs, shooting ranges, and equipment suppliers who provide everything a new handgun owner needs to learn to shoot—get trained—and stay in practice.  

Events listed on this website are where it all happens.  Our event listings help you connect with classroom training and live-fire practice where you can learn to shoot skillfully and safely.  Hope to see you at the range—getting trained!

Our formula for getting trained:

  • Watch our free videos
  • Get professional instruction
  • Practice—Practice—Practice!

Our free videos help you learn how to shoot handguns skillfully and safely—as well as show you what to expect as you go through the process of learning to shoot.  We cover all the essentials a step at a time.  No previous firearms experience is required to get started.  

Professional instruction is required when learning to shoot.  You cannot learn to shoot on your own.  Safety is the paramount issue—and hands-on safety training is all-important.  Plus your instructor will fill in details not covered in our videos and lesson plans.  Our website will help you find professional instructors and training classes at a shooting range near you. 

Practice is essential to maintain your shooting skills.  You need to practice shooting your gun at least once a month at a shooting range.  Going to the range with your friends is a fun and rewarding way to practice.  Look at our event listings to find practice events at shooting ranges near you.

Beginners learning to shoot

Firearm safety training

Live-fire practice at the range

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